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…is that it’s mobile!

A MobileHome rolling down I-35 in Texas.

When the time comes for your insureds to move their MobileHomes, you can provide them the coverage they need thanks to the Trip Collision Coverage option in iMGA’s MobileHome product.

As with all iMGA policies and coverages, it’s EASY for you to provide Trip Collision Coverage for your clients. Simply choose “yes” on the Trip Collision question in the quote and/or application and they’ll have 30 days’ coverage for damage to their covered MobileHome caused by collision subject to only a $100 deductible.

If you’re a Texas MobileHome owner needing coverage for moving your home, please complete this form so we can get you in touch with the nearest independent agent that represents iMGA.

If you’re a Texas independent agent that doesn’t yet represent iMGA but would like to discuss the possibility, please complete this form.

At iMGA we have been asked a lot about the ability to insure mobile homes, rental dwellings, vacant dwellings and homes where the legal owner is a partnership, trust, corporation, estate or other legal entity.

In keeping with our mission to make every part of the process as easy as possible for our agents, iMGA is open to various types of named insureds on all of our policies – even if the policy includes liability coverage.

So, go ahead and place that partnership, LLC, LLP, corporation, estate or trust-owned property with us and free up some time to focus on something else instead. Plus, if it’s a TDP1, TDP3 or Vacant/Remodeler policy, you can put up to 9 dwellings on the same policy. Log in now and see just how easy it can be.

Today is April Fool’s Day, but we’re not kidding about this at all.

iMGA has been approved by Lloyds of London to offer a new set of Texas Personal Property products!

These products will allow us to provide you with A-rated coverage for a very wide range of risks, and we’ll keep you posted as those details become available over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, we are very excited about the agents who are taking advantage of the San Antonio Indemnity products we already offer. Some of the highlights other agents have been most pleased with include:

  • Unsupported seasonal and secondary dwellings
  • Unprotected dwellings
  • Multiple rental dwellings on one policy
  • Replacement cost on Mobile Homes and their contents
  • Increased contents and adjacent structure limits for Mobile Homes
  • Lower down payments

Best yet, once agents quote iMGA’s HOA, TDP1/TDP3 and MobileHome products they’re so excited about the ease of use (ultra-fast quotes, instant policy issuance, online payments, great payment options, online document access), they keep coming back. We hope you’ll give us a try and that you’re as pleased as other agents have been with our focus on making Texas Personal Property as easy as humanly possible.

The weather today here in Austin was crazy! The snow flurries were scary enough to shut down the schools – which means, of course, about half an inch total. 🙂

We haven’t let that slow us down on improving our Texas Personal Property products for you, though, and today our focus has been on Mobile Homes.

If you write any Mobile Homes we’re certain you’ll appreciate the following changes:

  1. Permanently attached room additions can now be included in the mobile home dwelling limit.
  2. The maximum home limit has been increased to $75,000.
  3. Personal effects can be covered up to 200% of the home limit.
  4. Adjacent structures (awnings, shelters, cabanas, porches, etc.) can now be covered up to 200% of the home limit.
  5. The maximum total limit (home plus personal effects plus adjacent structures) has been increased to $125,000.
  6. You can now add Replacement Cost coverage for both the dwelling and the contents.

Mobile Homes, depending on their characteristics, can be written on either a Mobile Home form, a TDP1 or a TDP3. Start all your quotes using the StartAllQuotesHere option and you won’t have to remember which program each risk qualifies for – the system will handle that automatically.

We’re constantly working to make things better, because at iMGA we’re focused on becoming the best MobileHome, TDP1/TDP3, HOA/HOA Plus and Vacant Dwelling market available. So, please, quote one with us now, with or without snow!

As always, we look forward to hearing your ideas of how we can improve even more. Please share them here.

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