Agent Testimonials
Agents share their own words on working with iMGA

We’re proud of what we do at iMGA and we’re happy to tell you what we think, but we know it means a lot more to hear it straight from other agents. Here are just some of the great comments we’ve received over the years:

Gabrielle Reynero
They have a very very simple and easy system to quote home, renters, mobile, and dwelling insurance. And they offer flood insurance that’s amazing not all companies are going to offer flood insurance with the product. And their rates are very very reasonable and affordable for our customers. Jim is always there when I have any questions regarding any of the products he is my go to guy.

Gina Salazar
Jim Gattis and team iMGA are awesome! They are friendly and knowledgeable! They cover pets which is a must in Austin and flexible payment plans. They’ll take care of you. I highly recommend!

Arthur Estrada
Their customer service is just amazing and when I had to submit a claim they were very quick to respond. And Jim was very very helpful he answered any questions I had. I would recommend IMGA for your home insurance and they also offer you flood insurance as well. Thank you IMGA.

Jeanette Escobedo
IMGA has an excellent customer service, the quoting process online is easy to use, they have some of the best Reps one of my favorite reps is Jim G hes very kind and answers all of my questions I have. IMGA offers all types of coverages! Go check them out you won’t regret it!

Maria Acuna
I’ve been doing business with IMGA for over 8 years and am very happy with their service. Their site is very user friendly and their staff is always ready to assist. In my most recent experience I required urgent help with Flood Insurance, I called Jim Gattis whom took care of me in no time. Thank you Jim and IMGA!

Airamis Rodriguez
iMGA is the best at insuring your home. They’ll even insure your mobile home. Need flood coverage? Even if you think you don’t need it, IMGA has got you covered. The best and friendliest customer service. Their quoting process online is easy to use. Jim Gattis is a great representative for IMGA. He is very kind & can answers all of my questions I have. If you don’t coverage from IMGA, then there’s something missing on your coverage.

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