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Nice One Story HouseGlobal management consulting firm Accenture recently released the results of a survey of US auto and home insurance buyers. The study included over 2,036 responses from a representative sample of home insurance purchasers, and the results are good news for agents:

  • Seventy-six percent of consumers express a preference for setting up and paying for their auto and home insurance policies in person with an agent.
  • Fifty-two percent of consumers prefer to obtain a quote either over the phone or in person.

Other important findings include:

  • Twenty-six percent of survey respondents planned to at least consider an alternative at their net renewal.
  • Fifty-four percent of customers realize that there are meaningful differences between different companies’ policies.
  • Thirty-eight percent of consumers are willing to pay for personalized insurance advice – and of those, fifty-six percent are willing to pay at least ten percent more.

The study also found these preferences held solid across all age groups. As Accenture managing director Erik J. Sandquist said, “Our survey reveals that many young consumers desire personalized advice and are willing to pay more for it – and a significant percentage prefers to obtain their quotes face-to-face.”

So even after billions of advertising dollars have been spent trying to convince customers to go direct, a strong majority still realize that a good agent is key to making sure their coverage truly meets their needs.

The results are a particularly strong vote of confidence for agents considering that the study was conducted entirely online.

At iMGA we’re proud to work with great agents all over Texas who are experts in personal property insurance, and we’re very glad this study shows that consumers also recognize their value.

A fifth wheel trailer being pulled by a pickup truck.

iMGA agents can now meet the property coverage needs of insureds with travel trailers. Trailers matching the following are eligible:

  • Trailer limits from $3,000 – $35,000
  • Contents limits up to the trailer limit
  • Not garaged in Harris county
  • Not permanently stored
  • Not the insured’s sole residence
  • Not used for work
  • Not on a construction site
  • Not rented to others
  • Not home made
  • Not self-propelled or a motor home
  • Returned to the insured’s residence or storage between usages

Up to two travel trailers can be quoted and issued on a single policy. As with all iMGA products, quoting and issuance is quick and easy. Log in and try it now.

A popup trailer fully extended.

Photos courtesy of Flickr users Larry Page and wikioticsIan

At iMGA we’re all about making things EASY for you, and we’ve done it again!

As of now:

  • If you quote a Texas Elite Non-Admitted HOA/HOA+/HOB policy, you can requote it in iMGA’s Admitted HOA/HOA+ program IN AS FEW AS SIX CLICKS.
  • If you quote a TDP3 policy, you can requote it in our TDP1 program IN AS FEW AS EIGHT CLICKS.

Simply pull up any saved Texas Elite (NAH) or TDP3 quote (or complete any new Texas Elite or TDP3 quote), click on “Requote” and click through. No retyping required!

Click on the Requote button to start the requote process
It now takes less work to offer options for your customers, so sign in today to quote a personal property policy – or to requote a TDP3 or Texas Elite quote you’ve already saved.

Why does it only work this way? Why can’t you quote a TDP1 or an HOA and then requote those as a TDP3 and Texas Elite, respectively? Why can’t we just quote everything at once? Why isn’t there world peace? Our tech people say it has something to do with the Earth’s magnetism or quantum physics or some such (we really tried to pay attention but it’s just so hard sometimes). We assume it actually has something to do with needing more data. Either way we’re thrilled with EASY requoting and hope you will be too!

As always, if you have any questions about any of our products, please call 512.494.4161 and Tony (at extension 12) or Mike (at extension 13) will be glad to help you.

Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Sure, most people wouldn’t have asked for Asbestos for Christmas, but we did – and it arrived early!

To be clear we didn’t get a big box of asbestos – we got approval to write dwellings with Asbestos siding in ALL iMGA dwelling programs (Texas Elite Non-Admitted HOA/HOA+/HOB, Admitted HOA/HOA+, TDP1/TDP3 and Vacant).

West Texas House with Asbestos Siding
This much-requested change is effective immediately, so sign in today to quote a personal property policy – now with or without Asbestos siding!

As always, if you have any questions about any of our products, please call 512.494.4161 and Tony (at extension 12) or Mike (at extension 13) will be glad to help you.

PIA Texas LogoAt iMGA we’re proud to support our independent insurance agents and the organizations that help them grow and succeed. The Texas Professional Insurance Agents association is strongly in that camp, and as such we are pleased to have joined as Associate members.

We look forward to working with Texas PIA members to grow their agencies and strengthen their association.

If you’re a member of PIA and would like to offer our Texas Personal Property products to your clients please complete the iMGA New Agent Interest Form.

The Texas EliteTM Non-Admitted HOA/HOA+/HOB product offers your customers choices when it comes to deductibles,
including a $1,000 deductible option – even for wind/hail (where applicable)!

More deductible options are important for your clients, especially in these challenging economic times. iMGA is happy to
provide products that make it easier for you to offer your clients the choices they need.

So login now to quote Texas EliteTM or any of our other great Texas Personal Property products
(MobileHome, TDP1/TDP3, HOA/HOA+ and Vacant).

With a product as good as the Texas EliteTM HOA/HOA+/HOB program, we couldn’t give it just any name. We had to be sure the name made it clear that this is NOT your average Homeowners program.

Of course, you can tell that just by the fact that this program offers a TRUE Texas HOB policy. The HOB offers a level of coverage most companies can’t or won’t offer at a reasonable rate any more. Fortunately iMGA is backed by Ace and Catlin – two of the most respected Lloyds of London syndicates. As strong “A” rated carriers, they know how important the right level of coverage is, and they’ve let us include it in Texas EliteTM.

Texas EliteTM offers much more than the option of an HOB policy form, though. It also offers:

  • personal injury coverage included on every policy at no extra charge,
  • accidental water discharge coverage up to policy limits,
  • up to $5,000 of automatic mold coverage,
  • included sewer backup coverage (up to $5,000),
  • up to 15% of dwelling limit for water damage beneath the slab,
  • liability coverage for trampolines and for pools with slides and diving boards,
  • dog liability coverage,
  • coverage for home-based business liability,
  • up to $50,000 of home-based business personal property coverage,
  • coverage for incidental farm and ranch exposure including livestock equipment, outbuildings and fencing on up to 30 acres,
  • coverage for dwellings with Asbestos siding,
  • hail resistive roof credits even without documentation,
  • firearm theft coverage (up to $2,500),
  • and much more.

So login now to quote Texas EliteTMHOA/HOA+/HOB or any of iMGA’s other great Texas Personal Property programs (MobileHome, TDP1/3, HOA/HOA+ and Vacant).

If you have any questions aboutTexas EliteTM – or any of our other Texas Personal Property products – please call Tony at 512.494.4161 extension 12 or Mike at extension 13 and they’ll be glad to help you.

House with siding photo courtesy Flickr user pasfam

Thanks to suggestions that we receive from our agency partners, iMGA is able to bring continued improvements to help you better serve your clients’ needs. The latest mass request was for a product for asbestos, aluminum, and vinyl siding. We are pleased to announce that …

iMGA can now accept dwellings with asbestos, aluminum, and vinyl siding in our non-admitted HOA/HOA+/HOB product!

Homes with these sidings are rated as easily as you have become accustomed to in our online quote, bind and issue system. Aluminum and vinyl siding will require a cosmetic damage exclusion be signed by the insured. This endorsement is automatically generated along with the policy so that no referral is required.

We are working to expand availability to our admitted programs as well, but are pleased to be able to offer you this option now.

Number 9 Mosaic courtesy of Flickr user kasthor

At iMGA we’re constantly working to make things easier for our agents. Based on your feedback we’re working hard on our completely new accounting/billing system. In the meantime we’re working to improve the current options as much as possible, and are happy to announce:

NINE (9) monthly payments!

That’s right – almost all of our products (MobileHome, TDP1, TDP3, and HOA/HOA+) now require only 15% down plus policy fee and offer 9 monthly payments – to make things easier on you and your insureds.

To quote those products, the Vacant 6 and 12-month or the Non-Admitted HOA/HOA+/HOB programs, simply log in to the iMGA web site, select “Online Quoting”, choose “Start All Quotes Here” as the Line of Business, and in just a couple moments you’ll have a price you can rely on.

As always, if you have any questions about any of our products, please call Tony at extension 12 or Mike at extension 13 and they’ll be glad to help you.

This Dilbert cartoon does a good job of showing the type of crazy choices some companies seem to make.

We’re obsessed with making things EASY for our agents, though, so you won’t see us making this kind of choice any time soon.

Plus,  we have a fantastic system provided by the great team at Dragonflyware, so we would never have to make this kind of choice.

If you are a Texas independent insurance agent that sells personal property insurance and haven’t already used our system (where the average time to complete a quote is less than 2 minutes) complete the form for more information on becoming an iMGA agent and we’ll see if we’re a good fit for each other.

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