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Seven years ago today iMGA issued our very first policy. Now, tens of thousands of customers later, we’re ready to begin our best year yet by far. For us, and our agents, seven is really turning out to be a lucky number.

Our Homeowners, Dwelling, MobileHome, Renters and Vacant non-admitted products have been refined and offer the broadest range of coverage options in the market. With these products iMGA agents are now able to provide their customers the absolutely unique People and Pets accidental death coverage. Full details on People and Pets – with up to $75,000 in additional coverage – is available on our agent dashboard. Just log in and follow the People and Pets Endorsement link.

Agents in most of Texas are now also able to offer their customers great new admitted Homeowners, Dwelling, MobileHome and Vacant product alternatives through iMGA.

Our incredible team has built strong relationships and deep experience servicing the needs of independent agents across Texas over these past seven years, and we’d all love to put that experience and expertise to work to serve you.

If you’re already appointed with iMGA, please take a moment to quote a customer with us. If you’re not, please contact us to learn more about what we have to offer and how we might work together.

Independent insurance agents that represent iMGA are professionals that really understand their clients’ needs.

At iMGA we’ve worked hard to provide all the personal property solutions for those needs:

Homeowners Insurance

Texas House With Metal Roof

  • Small farms and ranches (up to 300 acres)
  • Older homes – even with replacement cost coverage (provided needed updates have been made)
  • Home based businesses
  • All protection classes
  • With or without credit scoring
  • Properties with pools, slides, diving boards, trampolines and pets (subject to certain restrictions of course)
  • Multi-policy discount if they have another policy with your agency
  • Discounts for new roofs, dwelling updates, hail resistive roofs, and much more

Rental Dwelling Insurance

Texas Style House With Metal Roof

  • With or without replacement cost coverage
  • With or without liability coverage
  • Discounts for new roofs, dwelling updates, hail resistive roofs, and much more

Owner-Occupied Dwelling Insurance

  • With optional theft coverage
  • With or without replacement cost coverage
  • Discounts for new roofs, dwelling updates, hail resistive roofs, and much more

Mobile Home With Golf Cart

MobileHome Insurance

  • With or without replacement cost coverage
  • All protection classes
  • Owner or tenant occupied
  • With or without liability coverage
  • Discounts for metal roofs

Apartment Building With Green Tile Roof

Renters Insurance

  • Homes or Apartments
  • Contents up to $50,000
  • Optional theft and replacement cost coverage

House With For Sale Sign

Vacant Dwelling Insurance

  • All protection classes
  • With or without liability coverage
  • With or without renovation coverage

All iMGA policies include

  • convenient direct bill payment plans (with up to 9 installments, depending on the product and term),
  • check, automatic recurring check and credit card payment options, and
  • instant policy issuance.

To learn more, log in. If you’re not already an iMGA agent, contact us.

The iMGA Vacant Dwelling program has been on the street for a couple months now and selling very well. As usual, though, we’ve been listening to our agents’ suggestions for improvements and have already implemented several. Some highlights of the Vacant Dwelling program changes include:

  • Contents coverage is now available
  • Up to 9 dwellings can now be scheduled
  • Up to 10 mortgagees can now be scheduled
  • A roof exclusion is an option if needed
  • Tier 1 coverage is available (as long as the insured has separate wind and flood policies)

Of course iMGA programs can be quoted and bound online, within minutes (literally – please challenge us!) in most circumstances. Should a referral be required our underwriters are fast to respond and will work with you to solve your customers’ unusual needs.

To quote this or any other iMGA program, simply¬† log in to the iMGA web site, select “Online Quoting”, choose “Start All Quotes Here” as the Line of Business, and in just a couple moments you’ll have a price you can rely on.

As always, if you have any questions about this or any of our other products, please call Tony at extension 12 or Mike at extension 13 and they’ll be glad to help you.

At iMGA we have been asked a lot about the ability to insure mobile homes, rental dwellings, vacant dwellings and homes where the legal owner is a partnership, trust, corporation, estate or other legal entity.

In keeping with our mission to make every part of the process as easy as possible for our agents, iMGA is open to various types of named insureds on all of our policies – even if the policy includes liability coverage.

So, go ahead and place that partnership, LLC, LLP, corporation, estate or trust-owned property with us and free up some time to focus on something else instead. Plus, if it’s a TDP1, TDP3 or Vacant/Remodeler policy, you can put up to 9 dwellings on the same policy. Log in now and see just how easy it can be.

According to the U.S. Census bureau the first quarter of this year 1 in 9 U.S. homes – more than 19 million – were vacant.

Are any of those homes owned by your clients?

iMGA is proud to help fill this growing need with our new Vacant Dwelling program. Designed for Texas homes with current or post-renovation values up to $300,000, this program is designed to help meet this significant need.

This is an ADMITTED Vacant Dwelling program. As with all iMGA programs, the Vacant Dwelling product is EASY to quote and issue.

There are many reasons someone might own a vacant home:

  • Found a bargain and is waiting for the market to turn.
  • Is renovating the property for future rental or resale.
  • Had to move but couldn’t sell.
  • Inherited a property and haven’t decided what to do with it.
  • Was renting it out but decided they didn’t like being landlords.

There are even more reasons to use iMGA’s admitted Vacant Dwelling product:

  • 6-month and 12-month terms available (50% minimum earned premium)
  • Corporate entities (LLCs, LLPs, etc.) eligible
  • Renovation coverage available – including $5,000 for theft of unattached materials
  • Dwellings valued up to $300,000 and on up to 5 acres are eligible
  • Up to $300,000 liability coverage available on each dwelling
  • No reporting requirements – limit based on completed value including renovations
  • Unique admitted program offering using TDP1 policy form
  • Underwritten by San Antonio Indemnity Company and backed by their B++ A.M. Best rating
  • Direct-billed with paid-in-full and up to 8-pay installment options available
  • Older roofs can be excluded
  • Up to 9 dwellings on a single policy (unless mortgagee billed)
  • Fast, EASY quoting and instant policy issuance (for qualified properties)

So, next time you have a customer with a vacant dwelling for whatever reason, login and quote their Vacant Dwelling coverage with us.

We are proud to be able to help meet this need – and proud to work with fantastic texas agents. As always, if you have any questions about this or any of our other products, please call Tony at extension 12 or Mike at extension 13 and they’ll be glad to help you.

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