With a product as good as the Texas EliteTM HOA/HOA+/HOB program, we couldn’t give it just any name. We had to be sure the name made it clear that this is NOT your average Homeowners program.

Of course, you can tell that just by the fact that this program offers a TRUE Texas HOB policy. The HOB offers a level of coverage most companies can’t or won’t offer at a reasonable rate any more. Fortunately iMGA is backed by Ace and Catlin – two of the most respected Lloyds of London syndicates. As strong “A” rated carriers, they know how important the right level of coverage is, and they’ve let us include it in Texas EliteTM.

Texas EliteTM offers much more than the option of an HOB policy form, though. It also offers:

  • personal injury coverage included on every policy at no extra charge,
  • accidental water discharge coverage up to policy limits,
  • up to $5,000 of automatic mold coverage,
  • included sewer backup coverage (up to $5,000),
  • up to 15% of dwelling limit for water damage beneath the slab,
  • liability coverage for trampolines and for pools with slides and diving boards,
  • dog liability coverage,
  • coverage for home-based business liability,
  • up to $50,000 of home-based business personal property coverage,
  • coverage for incidental farm and ranch exposure including livestock equipment, outbuildings and fencing on up to 30 acres,
  • coverage for dwellings with Asbestos siding,
  • hail resistive roof credits even without documentation,
  • firearm theft coverage (up to $2,500),
  • and much more.

So login now to quote Texas EliteTMHOA/HOA+/HOB or any of iMGA’s other great Texas Personal Property programs (MobileHome, TDP1/3, HOA/HOA+ and Vacant).

If you have any questions aboutTexas EliteTM – or any of our other Texas Personal Property products – please call Tony at 512.494.4161 extension 12 or Mike at extension 13 and they’ll be glad to help you.

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