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…is that it’s mobile!

A MobileHome rolling down I-35 in Texas.

When the time comes for your insureds to move their MobileHomes, you can provide them the coverage they need thanks to the Trip Collision Coverage option in iMGA’s MobileHome product.

As with all iMGA policies and coverages, it’s EASY for you to provide Trip Collision Coverage for your clients. Simply choose “yes” on the Trip Collision question in the quote and/or application and they’ll have 30 days’ coverage for damage to their covered MobileHome caused by collision subject to only a $100 deductible.

If you’re a Texas MobileHome owner needing coverage for moving your home, please complete this form so we can get you in touch with the nearest independent agent that represents iMGA.

If you’re a Texas independent agent that doesn’t yet represent iMGA but would like to discuss the possibility, please complete this form.

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