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Texans have a long history of arranging fantastic protections for their citizens via international negotiations, and we at iMGA have kept up that tradition during our negotiations with Lloyd’s of London.

Just 174 years and one week ago, on May 14, 1836 Texas officials and Santa Anna signed treaties that ended hostilities and restored private property, released Texan and Mexican prisoners and led to the withdrawal of Mexican troops. The treaties also began the process of Mexico acknowledging Texas independence and recognizing the Rio Grande as its boundary.

While our negotiations with the Underwriters at Lloyd’s were less critical and more subtle than those used by Sam Houston on Santa Anna, we were able to persuade them to provide us with a set of products unlike any currently being sold through Lloyd’s Underwriters.  In the Texas tradition of perseverance and determination and with a rural road trip thrown in for our lead underwriter, we are pleased to announce our new HO-A, HO-A+, and HO-B products.  They are backed by the A.M. Best “A” rated security of Lloyd’s of London, and are ready for you to quote, bind and issue.

Here are some highlights:

  • Dwelling Values from $35,000 to $550,000.
  • Acreage up to 30 acres with incidental Farm Ranch exposure including outbuildings, equipment, animal collision, and Farm Ranch Liability
  • Home Based Business are eligible.
  • Automatic Hail Resistive Roof Credit without documentation.
  • Personal Injury Coverage included at no additional charge.
  • Personal Property schedules including gun schedules.
  • Credit Scoring
  • Diving Boards, Pool Slides, and Trampolines
  • Limited Mold Coverage automatically included at no additional charge.
  • Limited Sudden and accidental water discharge below slab included on HO-B and available on HO-A+.

For more details on our new products, please log in.  You will find a complete outline under the Non-Admitted Quick Reference Guide link towards the top of the page.

We are very excited about these products.  We strive to bring real value to our agency partners.  We hope that we are bringing you something very different and valuable that you can provide to your clients. We welcome your feedback. More details will follow soon, but log in now to see for yourself the great pricing and coverages available through this new program, or contact us to become an agent.

Texas Ranger photo courtesy of Flikr user diveofficer.

Today is April Fool’s Day, but we’re not kidding about this at all.

iMGA has been approved by Lloyds of London to offer a new set of Texas Personal Property products!

These products will allow us to provide you with A-rated coverage for a very wide range of risks, and we’ll keep you posted as those details become available over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, we are very excited about the agents who are taking advantage of the San Antonio Indemnity products we already offer. Some of the highlights other agents have been most pleased with include:

  • Unsupported seasonal and secondary dwellings
  • Unprotected dwellings
  • Multiple rental dwellings on one policy
  • Replacement cost on Mobile Homes and their contents
  • Increased contents and adjacent structure limits for Mobile Homes
  • Lower down payments

Best yet, once agents quote iMGA’s HOA, TDP1/TDP3 and MobileHome products they’re so excited about the ease of use (ultra-fast quotes, instant policy issuance, online payments, great payment options, online document access), they keep coming back. We hope you’ll give us a try and that you’re as pleased as other agents have been with our focus on making Texas Personal Property as easy as humanly possible.

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