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NYC 9/11 Smoke and Hurricane Harvey Flood DamageHurricane Irma has just ravaged the Virgin Islands and caused significant damage in Puerto Rico and Florida as well. Closer to home we’ve just begun the hard work of recovering from Hurricane Harvey’s damage in Texas.

On this particular date – 9/11 – we think not only of those current events, but also of the clear September morning when it felt like the world changed forever.

There’s an amazing video recap of the news as it unfolded. One that should help more people remember and share the shock, the horror, and the chaotic confusion of the day.

We remember the irreplaceable losses:

  • 2,606 in the World Trade Centers
  • 125 in the Pentagon
  • 87 on American flight 11
  • 60 on United flight 175
  • 59 on American flight 77
  • 40 on United flight 93

While we continue to remember those losses, we also remember the resolve, the spirit of cooperation and the outpouring of support that followed. We see that same spirit at work in relief and recovery efforts in and around Texas today. We see the same already happening with the Virgin Islands, and it undoubtedly will in Puerto Rico and Florida also.

Please take a moment today to remember and pray for the fallen victims and heroes from 9/11/2001 and the loved ones they left behind.

Please also do what you can to support those freshly hurting.

Together we can – and do – make a difference. That’s something very good to remember.

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