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We are pleased to announce that – now that Hurricane Alex is dissipating as it moves across Mexico and the risk to Texas has passed – the temporary binding restriction in counties along the coast has been lifted.

Once again you can immediately issue eligible policies in all iMGA products (MobileHome, TDP1/TDP3 Dwelling Fire, HOA/HOA+, Vacant/Renovator and Non-Admitted HOA/HOA+/HOB) across the entire state. Normal eligibility rules still apply, of course. So, please, quote a policy today.

It looks like Texas missed the vast majority of the damage from Hurricane Alex as it hit landfall about 110 miles south of Brownsville in Mexico about 9pm CST tonight.

Some limited tornado activity has been spotted in Texas and rainfall levels will be high, but otherwise damages in Texas are expected to be minimal. We are thankful for that.

As of 1pm today, Alex had been upgraded to a Category 1 hurricane and was located about 130 miles south-southeast of Brownsville, TX.

It’s expected to make landfall in Mexico tonight, but hurricane force winds (currently at 85 mph) are expected to extend 60 miles and tropical storm force winds up to 200 miles from the center. Hurricane warnings are now in effect from Baffin Bay, Texas south to La Cruz, Mexico. A tropical storm warning is in effect north of the hurricane warning from Baffin Bay to Port O’Connor.

Alex is expected to produce 6-12 inches of rain in parts of south Texas through Friday. Isolated tornadoes are possible in the same area today and tonight.

If you’re in or near the affected areas, please stay tuned to your local weather and take precautions as necessary. Our thoughts are with you.

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