Insurance is a promise – a promise to pay for covered damage exactly as specified in the policy.

At the end of the day all we have is that promise. If we don’t make good on it, then we really don’t have anything to offer.

Since we’ve been in the insurance business for decades, we’ve seen people try to take shortcuts with claims. Those people were incredibly short-sighted. It ALWAYS comes back to bite them in the end – as it should.

At iMGA we take proper claims handling seriously, as do our carriers. Our claims are handled by two highly respected third party administrator firms, and the presidents of those firms serve on our Board of Directors. This gives us a direct line to their top management (should it ever become necessary), but also reflects our commitment to proper claims handling.

As an agent your reputation is also on the line when an insured has a claim. With iMGA you can be confident that we give claims handling the proper weight and attention to keep your reputation secure.

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