Video Compilation of 9-11 NewsIt was yesterday. Only it wasn’t. It was fourteen years ago.

We were so unified in the days after the attacks. We were one giant American family supporting each other after a brutal assault. That’s a distant memory now unfortunately.

There’s an amazing video recap of the news as it unfolded that day – hopefully projects like that will help more people remember and share the shock, the horror, and the resolve and the sense of support and togetherness that followed.

Firemen raising flag at World Trade Center post 9-11Why should we work so hard to remember? For them:

  • 2,606 in the World Trade Centers
  • 87 on American flight 11
  • 60 on United flight 175
  • 125 in the Pentagon
  • 59 on American flight 77
  • 40 on United flight 93

Please take a moment today to remember and pray for the fallen victims and heroes from that day and the loved ones they left behind.



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