CorpusChristiTXApartmentsAtNightTexas is vast – and so is the Texas coastline. Stretching over 350 miles from Louisiana to Mexico, the counties along and near the Texas gulf coast make up a huge area that houses half the population of the state.

And now, for all the Renters in all that area, iMGA has an option you can offer your customers- a low cost policy that covers liability only. This option lets your clients satisfy the liability requirement their apartment complex may have at the lowest possible cost and without any geographical restrictions.

iMGA’s Renters program is now available all over the state.

Unlike Homeowners, Dwelling, Vacant and MobileHome, there are no counties in which you cannot sell iMGA Renters policies. If it’s a coastal county where contents coverage cannot be offered, the system will automatically let you know. If not, you’ll be able to offer the full range of Renters coverage options, including Replacement Cost and theft coverage.

We’re pleased to be able to offer you this new option and really appreciate the input we receive from our agents.

If you’re a Texas independent insurance agent who would like to work with a Homeowners, Dwelling Fire, MobileHome, Renters and Vacant home insurance market that really listens, let us know.

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