New Office Front DoorLast month we had to change. For the first time in over five years we had to change our address.

Moving is a pain. We had to deal with utility hookups and disconnects, setting up the new network, and transferring or establishing new services – and we were only moving a mile away!

But as a result of this change we now have a great new space with:

  • Room to grow,
  • Space designed for easier collaboration, and
  • Helpful new production areas.

What change(s) can you make that would take your agency to the next level?

Hopefully you won’t have to move any time soon, but don’t wait until you’re forced – go ahead and make some of those changes now. They won’t be easy, but if you are deliberate about them they could be the key to your next growth spurt.

Go for it!

If you’re a Texas Independent insurance agent who wants to work with a personal property market who is constantly looking to grow and improve, contact us.

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