No Stamp NeededAs much fun as kids might find it to lick stamps and label envelopes, your clients will appreciate not having to do either once they sign up for AutoPay with iMGA.

Not only will they avoid the need to do any of that, but they can rest assured that every month they’ll get a notice letting them know exactly how much and on what date the system will charge to their checking account. It’ll always be the minimum due on their policy, and will be drawn from their account on the due date (or even a couple days later).

Not only will they save worry and time, they’ll also save money in several different ways:
– They won’t have to pay postage.
– They won’t have to buy envelopes or checks.
– They won’t have a late fee (assuming the payments don’t bounce).
– They will save a minimum of $2 off each installment fee. (This only applies if you set them up for AutoPay when you submit the policy.)

So be sure to ask your clients about AutoPay and set them up with it when you bind the policy.

If you’re a Texas insurance agent who doesn’t yet work with iMGA and you’d like to learn more about us, please tell us more about you.

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