Labor Day can be bittersweet. On the bitter side it marks the traditional end of summer. In most of Texas kids are back in school and the vacation season is over. On the sweet side, it’s the first weekend of dove hunting season.

We’d like to take a moment, though, and recognize Labor Day for what it once was, and should be – a chance to thank those whose productive efforts have made our economy and country the success it is.

Of course our national economy is going through a tough patch right now. But at iMGA we have the privilege and pleasure to work with smart, talented, hard-working people every day, and it’s you that makes the difference.

The independent insurance agent is a critical part of the small business universe, and the independent agencies we work with are the best. iMGA’s mission is to bring you new products, streamlined processes and world-class systems to make your life as EASY as possible – because we truly appreciate you and the work you do.

So, as we take an extra day off Monday (and we hope you are able to as well), we will be thinking of you and the incredible result of the labor of so many productive and talented people.

Thank You – and Happy Labor Day!

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