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Old Web Site

The iMGA home page circa 2009.

If you’re reading this then you already know the big news: we have a brand-new look to our website.

Our old website served us very well for our first few years of operation, and we made a few small changes on it over time, but it was time for a fresh look and a more informative format.

New Web Site

The 2013 home page with just one of the rotating primary image banners.

The Update Includes Important Changes

  • The new site is mobile-friendly and incorporates social media connections (links to our Twitter account, Facebook page and LinkedIn company page) at the top of every page.
  • We separated the Make a Payment and Report a Claim information into two distinct pages to reduce confusion.
  • The new web site integrates the blog and all of its articles with the site as a whole, making it easier for agents to find useful information.
  • We have moved the site to a specialty hosting firm that will ensure that it is more responsive, faster loading, and consistently and automatically backed up.
  • This change separates our web site front end from our agent portal, ensuring that we do not have a single point of failure and an outage with either one would not cause a total outage.
  • While our old site used a content management system that allowed for fairly easy page additions and changes, the new site is on a much more powerful, secure, more frequently updated and easier-to-use system. As a result we’ll have more flexibility, control and security going forward.

Our new site is just one of the steps we are taking to make life easier for our agents. We hope you like it and welcome your comments, suggestions and questions about it or any of our Texas Personal Property products.

No one enjoys things that are out of date.

Sour cream past its expiration date.Prospective insureds coming to your agency’s web site are looking for reassurance, rapport – a reason to trust you with their business. Having no web site is terrible – you’ll never even be considered. Having a web site with no information is really bad – they won’t see the reasons to trust and want to be in business with you. But having a little info that is very old is just as bad – and may be worse.

This is why online marketing experts strongly suggest having a blog. A blog is the easiest way possible to add fresh new content to your web site on a regular basis.

Adding fresh content via a blog causes a helpful cycle to start:

  1. One of the ranking items from search engines is how recently a page or site has been updated. Having fresh content means that when someone searches for words that are found on your site the link to you will come up higher than it would have if you had not had recent updates.
  2. That higher ranking causes more people to come to your site.
  3. When those people come to your site they see that you’re active, that you care about providing relevant information, and that your information is not old and stale. This increases their confidence in you and therefore will increase your conversion ratio (the percentage of those people who will call, email or otherwise contact you to proceed through the sales process.

Doing a blog takes effort. You may not feel up to the challenge. In all likelihood you already get more than enough good ideas from your current customers and their insurance questions to fill hundreds of posts. At iMGA we get great ideas from our agents constantly, and we use those to make sure we produce at least one new post each week. It’s not setting the world on fire, but it is consistent, and after a year or so we’ll have 100 posts. That’s 100 pages of content on our web site, 100 updates to Google and the other search engines, and 100 pieces, some of which will have value to each visitor who finds us, especially if they’re Texas Independent Insurance Agents looking for a great personal property market. 🙂

Last, but not least, it keeps our web site fresh.

Anyone who’s done business in Texas property for very long knows it’s that time of year again. So while we hope it’s a long time before you need to know how to report a claim on iMGA policies, we know the need may come up sooner rather than later.

Just in case, here’s how it works.

If you’re logged in, click on the “Report a Claim” link at the right of the screen.

If you’re not logged in or if you want the insured to report the claim directly, click on the “Services” tab at the top of any page on the iMGA web site and then click on the “Report a Claim” link in the middle of the page.

Either one will pull up an online-fillable version of the Acord Property Loss Notice. Mission Claims has added logic to the form so that after it’s completed you or the insured can simply click “Submit Form” and the form will be emailed to the proper address ( If that doesn’t work for any reason you can simply save the form and email it to the same address. If you or your customers have any questions about Mission Claims, please feel free to visit their web site.

That’s all there is to it! Like quoting new business – and everything else – we’ve worked to make reporting a claim as easy as possible. If you haven’t already, please quote a policy today and let us know what you think.

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