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It’s critical that you be able to trust those with whom you work – whether they’re clients, prospects, employees, vendors or partners.

At iMGA we take this so seriously we have a plank in the iMGA Dos and Don’ts that says “Don’t deal with dishonest people. It’s not possible to make a good deal with a bad person.”

No matter what we would wish, though, we know that people make mistakes and bad choices. So we have controls and checks in place to ensure we learn and can respond quickly when someone is attempting to abuse our trust.

Whether it’s independent accounting verification, inspections, property loss reports, or reviewing claims and applications, make sure your agency has verification processes in place also.

If you’re lucky the presence of those risk controls will discourage someone who might otherwise have done something untrustworthy. Either way it’ll reduce your exposure and the harm caused to those who count on you to watch out for them and their data. You’ll be glad you did.

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