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Of course you can grow your agency by finding new customers or by adding new markets.

But the easiest and fastest way to grow your agency is to increase the number of products you provide for your existing customers. The sale is easier because you already have a relationship, plus studies have shown that customers with multiple policies stay with you longer. This multiplies your growth over time.

Fortunately as an iMGA agent you have a wide range of products to meet multiple needs for your clients:

  • Homeowners – HOA, HOA+ and HOB options to cover a wide range of home values, ages and conditions.
  • MobileHome – Specialty coverage for clients whether inside a mobile home park or not.
  • Dwelling – TDP1, TDP1+ and TDP3 policies for owner and tenant-occupied dwellings.
  • Vacant Dwelling – A specific option for hard-to-place vacant homes.
  • Renters – Contents and Liability coverages for insureds who don’t yet own a home.
  • Umbrella – Up to $5 million in primary and/or $5 million excess coverage for clients with the need to protect a wide range of assets.

All iMGA products focus on being EASY to use, with instant online binding, payment and document and flexible direct bill options. So as an iMGA agent you can focus on making sure you’re offering all your clients all the protection they need and growing your agency quickly in the process.

If you’re an agent who is not already working with us and would like a to grow your agency by offering a Texas Personal Property program that includes cutting-edge Renters, Dwelling, Vacant, MobileHome, HOA/HOA+/HOB and Umbrella products, just tell us a little about yourself.

This display at the side of the road definitely caught my eye.

A photo of a wrecked plane with the saying, 'There's no such thing as a perfectly good airplane' at a skydiving business in Texas.

My initial reaction was, “Why in the world would a skydiving company show a picture of a wrecked plane? Why would they remind people of the danger that exists even before you jump out of the plane?”

Looking more closely at what they said, it becomes very obvious why they did it.

Clearly they’ve heard too many times the old saying, “Why would anyone be crazy enough to jump out of a perfectly good airplane?”

In fact, they probably realize that this joke was costing them a significant amount of business. More importantly this joke – like most good humor – included an element of truth and was revealing a more basic, more serious limiting factor to their business: fear.

To them this was not just a joke and it most certainly was not funny. It was a meaningful limiting factor on their business’ potential. So they attacked it head-on. They didn’t go halfway. They made a statement that is impossible to miss – one that’s worth remarking about.

What about you?
What is keeping your prospects from using your service?
What does “everyone” “know” in your market?
Are you willing to attack it head-on? If not, it may forever be a limiting factor.

If you are willing to tackle it, though, you may not only make it over the hurdle – you may become remarkable in the bargain.

It’s worth thinking about.

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