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Home and auto insurance buyers were less interested in home-auto package discounts in 2011 than 2010, according to a survey.

Most companies advertise discounts for insuring an automobile, motorcycle or other policy along with a homeowners policy, but survey respondents were less focused on that element than before.

Whether you’re selling to one of the 48% of surveyed homeowners who want to take advantage of a home-auto package discount or to a prospect more worried about the best coverage options or overall price, iMGA has a solution for you.

With products from the most basic Vacant or TDP1 policy to the broad MobileHome or HOA policy to the special form TDP3 or HOB policy, we can help you meet most Texas Personal Property Insurance needs.

iMGA’s Texas Elite policy offers up to eight discounts. One of those discounts is a multi-policy credit for your clients that also have their auto insurance with your agency. So for those home insurance buyers that belong to the home-auto package fan club, let them know that your agency not only has the broad coverages, but the discounts as well.

You heard that right!

A lot of agents have told us that their clients have been trained to search out multi-policy credits for their insurance. At iMGA we believe firmly that a client with multiple policies with the same independent agency will display many of the same retention benefits that a client with multiple policies with the same insurance company shows.

So, we’re very happy to announce that in our Texas Elite HOA/HOA+/HOB program you can now apply a multi-policy discount if the insured has another policy with iMGA or if the insured has another policy in your agency.

Simply choose “Yes” to the “Multi-Policy Discount Applies” question and your insured will benefit from having a policy with us – or with you.

Please try it out and let us know what you think!

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