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Last week we learned that several agents couldn’t see the left hand navigation bar on the logged-in portion of our web site (the part in the picture above that shows “home”, “Online Quoting”, etc. below the logo).

Of course we jumped on that immediately and made it so that the problem doesn’t exist any more. If you were one of the people who were not able to see the navigation bar, please log in as soon as possible and verify that you can see it now.

While we were investigating it, though, we learned that the problem was limited to people using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6.0 as their browser. Microsoft released Internet Explorer 6.0 in 2001, and according to Secunia, it is a significant computer security problem, with 24 unpatched security vulnerabilities as of February 9, 2010. Also, according to Microsoft, their much more recent Internet Explorer Version 8.0 is both safer and faster.

For a much better internet experience, therefore, we strongly suggest that if you are using Internet Explorer 6.0, you either upgrade to Internet Explorer 8.0 (out for over a year now and automatically carries over all your bookmarks, saved passwords, etc.) or switch to the very highly respected alternative browser Firefox. Updating to either of these will likely prevent or fix viewing issues on multiple sites, not just ours.

We’re constantly working to make things better for you – not just on our site – because at iMGA we’re focused on becoming the best MobileHome, TDP1/TDP3 and HOA/HOA Plus market available. So, please, quote one with us now.

Thank you VERY MUCH to those of you who emailed and/or called last week to let us know of this problem. We can only fix the things we know about, so please keep those comments coming and we’ll keep improving as much and as fast as possible.

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