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How to set up Credit Card AutoPayMany iMGA customers have taken advantage of the ability to sign up for auto check payment of their insurance premium.

When they do that they are much less likely to ever miss a payment or incur a late fee. Plus they don’t have to worry about mailing a bill or going online.

Well now iMGA clients who prefer to pay by credit card can take advantage of the same benefits.

That’s right – we now offer automatic recurring credit card payments! Simply pay your client’s invoice with their credit card as normal, then click on the box to “Save for Recurring Payments” and the minimum due will be paid on the due date automatically. They’ll still get a reminder notice each month with the amount we’ll apply to their card and the date we’ll process the transaction.

And of course they’re free at any time to discontinue the automatic payments or change their AutoPay account if they change their mind.

If you’re a Texas insurance agent who would like to offer personal property products from a company focused on making things as easy as possible, start the process here.

Visa and MasterCardsYou have been asking for credit card payment capability – and now it’s here!

Your insureds now have the option of paying installments or in full with Visa/MasterCard/Discover credit cards. This option is available on new business and renewals issued beginning December 1.

You also now have sweep capability!

If you accept payments from your insurance for down payments or installments, nothing can be easier than processing a sweep payment with us. All you have to do is make sure your agency is set up once and all future payments are as easy as possible. Just call anyone in our office and we will have you set up in minutes.

You can now also include the policy down payment information while submitting the policy. You no longer have to bind the policy then go submit the down payment separately.

If you submit the down payment information during the policy submission process, once the policy is bound you will get a confirmation as to whether the payments was or was not processed successfully. If it was not, you can still go to the policy and make the payment separately.

Regardless of which method you choose, you have the peace of mind of knowing that all payment information is stored securely and safely.

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