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TedCruzCSPANLast week our Senator Ted Cruz made national headlines by giving one of the longest speeches in U.S. Senate history. As expected, the speech didn’t change the vote, but it did expand the conversation. Only time will tell what the ultimate results will be, but already it’s attracted both passionate supporters and opposition.

As Texans, we all know about the Alamo, where in 1836 nearly 200 defenders stood up against 1,500 Mexican soldiers. The defenders of the Alamo were defeated, but “Remember The Alamo” became a rallying cry that swelled the ranks of the Texian army and made victory at the Battle of San Jacinto possible and ensured the stability of the fledgling Republic of Texas.

At iMGA we stand for making life as easy as possible for independent insurance agents who work with us. We know we can always do better, but when we find that we’re doing something that isn’t helpful, we do everything we can to fix it. We put a lot of extra time, energy and expense into our systems to make sure they’re as rock solid as possible. We eliminate every question we can, and simplify the ones that are left.

Sometimes that makes more work for us. Sometimes that means we have to choose to say “no” to opportunities that might mean a short-term benefit. But we know without a doubt that as long as we stay focused on making life easy for our agents, they’ll benefit and together we’ll grow more than we could have otherwise.

What does your agency stand for?

Being clear about that one thing sometimes means doing something that is tough in the short run. In the long run, though, it let’s you build a strong foundation that will attract exactly the right supporters, clients, customers and employees. It’s worth it.

If your agency has taken a clear stand and has a distinct message or unique customer base, please leave a comment telling us about it.

If you have a Texas independent agency, don’t already work with iMGA and would like to work with a Texas personal property market that does take a stand, please contact us.

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