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Whether it’s a new policy or one that’s been in force for months, you can see at a glance when the next payment is due, and how much, if any, is due.


  1. Log in to
  2. Look up the policy by typing the policy number or any part of the insured’s name into the quick search box at the top right of any page.
  3. Glance to the right of the screen (under “Payment Details”) for the next Payment Due date and Amount Due.

Agency Sweeps are not instantly processed, so don’t instantly reduce the Amount Due. They are processed at 10:30 each evening. Until then, the pending sweep amount can be seen under the Accounting tab/Sweep Transactions. You can tell that it is pending because there is no posted date or confirmation number – those are added once the sweep is processed.

iMGA Policy Billing Screen

We hope this helps make writing Texas Dwelling, Homeowners, MobileHome, Renters and Vacant policies as easy as possible for you – and any time you see something we can do better, please speak up!

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