Rob and I are visiting agents all around the state today. My travels took me by Carl’s Corner, TX, home of Willie’s Place, which is basically a themed truck stop, and from the outside looks pretty much like any one of the dozens of other truck stops on the state’s highways.

Then, though – IF you go inside – you’re surprised first by a large collection of great memorabilia spanning Willie Nelson’s long and illustrious (if checkered) career:

And surprised yet again by a full-sized concert venue that, according to flyers posted nearby, features significant and well-regarded musical acts with some frequency.

The most interesting and engaging parts of this business weren’t promoted anywhere that I could see. The signs leading to their location looked exactly like other truck stop signs except for the photo of Willie.

What hidden gems are you keeping all too secret in your agency? What should you be highlighting that you’re not? You may be missing out both on a lot of business and a chance to let your true self show through if you don’t take the time to think about that and share it with the public.

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