Congressional Medal of Honor (Army)Army Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor today. He is the first living recipient of the award since 1976.

In the midst of an active firefight in which he was shot two times Staff Sergeant Giunta rescued his fellow soldier, Sergeant Josh Brennan, from two Taliban fighters. Killing one and wounding the second, Sergeant Giunta freed Sergeant Brennan and administered first aid. Unfortunately, Sergeant Brennan ultimately died from the wounds he had received. In addition to Sergeant Brennan, the squad also lost medic Hugo Mendoza of El Paso in that fight. Yes, the enemy we’re fighting in this war will shoot clearly identified medics.

Our congratulations and thanks to Sergeant Giunta for his service and bravery. Our gratitude and condolences to the families of Sergeant Brennan and Specialist Mendoza.

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