Roof Hail DamageTexas Governor Greg Abbott gave his State of the State address this week and brought up a topic that most politicians might not:

One reason Texas attracts so many jobs is because of the strides we’ve made on tort reform. But our work is not done.

Hail-storm litigation is the newest form of lawsuit abuse.

To reduce the economic havoc, I want legislation on my desk that limits abusive hail-storm litigation.

Gov. Abbott is right – hail storm lawsuit reform is desperately needed.

We’ve seen lawsuits claiming:

  • losses long after the roof has already been able to be replaced with the insurance proceeds,
  • damages to non-existent garages,
  • fraud and abuse by adjusters who never handled the claim,
  • poor adjusting service on losses that were never even reported to the insurer (sue first, file claim later),
  • and much more.

Every one of those lawsuits costs many thousands of dollars to defend no matter how baseless.

All of this only enriches a handful of lawyers and makes it much harder for us to provide affordable coverage for homeowners who are not abusing the system.

It must stop.

You Can Help

Please contact your Texas legislator and ask them to listen to you, us and the Governor and enact hail lawsuit reform this session!

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