Thomas JeffersonTom was a guy with very poor fashion sense, and known for welcoming guests to his home in a robe and slippers.

He was afraid of public speaking, frequently he would just mumble.

He couldn’t manage money at all, and stayed in debt for most of his life.

But Tom was born 273 years ago today and we still remember him, because we focus on his accomplishments. On his tombstone he had his epitaph list just three of them:

Here was buried Thomas Jefferson, Author of the Declaration of Independence, of the Statute of Virginia for religious freedom and Father of the University of Virginia.

Being Secretary of State, Vice President and President of the United States didn’t even make the top 3!

So all those shortcomings – didn’t matter at all in the big picture.

Focus on What You Can Do

Far too many of us focus on our weaknesses and struggles. Jefferson could have let his financial struggles and other issues keep him from making an impact, but the world would have been poorer if he had.

Instead, put your effort into those areas where you can make a difference and contribute. For us at iMGA it means working every day to offer the best protection we can for the broadest range of Texas homeowners possible. We know no company can cover every situation, but our focus lets us do the most possible. It’s a pleasure to help clients every day with solutions that the big companies just won’t consider offering.

Working with incredible independent insurance agents in Texas to deliver those solutions to the broadest range of customers possible is a pleasure, and lets us focus on what’s important, rather than get distracted by things that don’t matter in the big picture.

If you’re a Texas Independent Insurance Agent who would like to offer more options to your clients, please contact us.

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