Marco Rubio and Bernie SandersNo matter who you’re rooting for in the presidential primaries this year, there are lessons we can take as professionals from the results and the reactions to them.

In the Iowa caucus held yesterday the candidates who received the most votes and delegates were Ted Cruz on the Republican side and Hillary Clinton on the Democrat side.

But arguably the ones who gained the most were Marco Rubio and Bernie Sanders.

Only a short time ago both those candidates were polling in the single digits. In both cases other candidates were widely expected to win, and in some cases, expected to win by a very large margin.

But with a lot of hard work and some good fortune, both clearly exceeded expectations. This will energize their teams, earn them more attention from media, and give them opportunities to capitalize on the shift in perception that simply didn’t exist for them only a few days ago.

Exceeding Expectations Matters

In our businesses it is important that we perform well consistently. Any business that does not do so will lose customers over time.

But significant change – and meaningful growth – comes from exceeding expectations, not just meeting them. Just as for Rubio and Sanders, a positive surprise can energize your team, help spread the word about your offerings, and open new opportunities that haven’t existed before.

Exceeding expectations is hard, which is both why so few companies are able to do it and why the impact of doing it is so big.

At iMGA we work hard to find ways to exceed your expectations. We’ve recently been able to introduce changes that actually mean a decrease in cost and down payment to many of your clients. Those kind of improvements are hard to make happen, but we’ve been able to do it, and we hope it helps us exceed your expectations this year.

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