“Their communication with me.” That was Ruth Andrade of Action Express Insurance’s answer when asked, “What is most important to you when working with a carrier?”

It’s easy to see why that’s her answer. Good communication is critical to any healthy business relationship, but it’s especially critical in insurance.

Independent agents need to be able to communicate coverages, exclusions, conditions and terms to their clients. Because independent agents work with multiple markets, it’s critical that those markets do a good job staying in communication with their agents.

At iMGA we work hard to make things easy for our agents, and to provide clear and consistent communication.

That’s why we have:

  • Weekly updates like this one,
  • Automatic emails about every policy transaction,
  • A letter with each insured renewal package explaining coverage changes and options,
  • Help text inside the quoting system, and most importantly,
  • Experienced underwriters able to clearly discuss issues and solutions.

We agree – communication is critical.

If you’re a Texas insurance agent who would like to do business with a company that knows how important good communication is, let us know.

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