Water Damage Photo

Water damage from a second floor overflow.

As insurance professionals we’re honored to be able to be there when tragedy strikes. Fire, lightning, explosions, tornados, hurricanes – when these unexpected events wreak havoc it’s our privilege to help restore people’s homes and possessions.

But we know that even with insurance everyone would be better off if they’d never had the claim. So we definitely want to help our clients avoid any unnecessary losses.

The one type of loss we’ve seen that can most easily be avoided is water damage.

The majority of water damage is caused by overflow from dishwashers and washing machines, and those overflows almost always happen when people leave those appliances running while they’re gone or asleep.

So instead of a minor annoyance easily handled by a mop and a very little bit of time, they end up with major damage, the cost of a deductible and the inconvenience of major repairs.

Help your clients avoid all this unnecessary pain – encourage them to only run dishwashers and washing machines when they’re home and awake. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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