Handling money can be fun if it’s for investing – or shopping 🙂

But handling insureds’ payments needs to be as easy and as fast as possible.

At iMGA we’re happy to help make that happen for you.

Online Payments

Your insureds can make online payments by going to https://imga.biz/services and clicking on the Make a Payment link. It’ll take them directly to the https://payonline.saindemnity.com site. All they’ll need to make a payment is their:

  • Policy number,
  • Mailing address zip code,
  • Checking account number, and
  • Bank routing number.

The payment will be credited to their account the same day as long as it’s made before 9pm CST, and will be reflected on their account within an hour or less.

You may post payments to customers accounts on their behalf via the same links, or, instead, by selecting “Make a Payment” from the drop-down list under the “Actions” button on the “Policy Manager” tab at https://imga.biz.

Mail Payments

Insureds or mortgagees who wish to mail a paper check instead should direct their payments to San Antonio Indemnity at the address on the policy invoices and NOT to iMGA’s offices. The payment address for your records is:

San Antonio Indemnity Company
PO Box 34104
San Antonio, TX 78265

At iMGA we’re working to make Texas Personal Property as EASY as possible. If you have any questions about any of the above, or any suggestions on how we can make things even easier, please let us know.

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