We’re constantly working to make things easier for our agents and their clients, and this New Year brings a great leap forward on that front at iMGA. We now can offer automatic recurring check payments!

Some call these Easy Pay, some call them Auto ACH, some call them Recurring EFT, but no matter what you call them your clients will love the convenience of this new option.

To Sign Up:

  1. Look up your customer’s policy in Policy Manager.
  2. Select Actions/Make Payment.
  3. Enter the payment information for a Check payment.
  4. Click the box next to “Automatically use this account for future payments”.
  5. Click Submit.

It’s that easy!

iMGA Payment Options

Other Great Options Too

If your agency is set up with Sweep capability, you can also pay any amount on any policy by clicking Sweep as the payment type and entering just the amount you wish to pay.

If the policy is eligible, you can also enter Credit Card payments. If the policy is not eligible for Credit Card payments, the Make Payment page will show that clearly and not provide the option.

We hope you find these options make doing business with iMGA as easy as possible. If you’re a Texas personal property insurance agent who would like a market that works this hard to make things easy, take the first step in connecting with iMGA.

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