As of 1:14 a.m., it is officially Spring 2012. It’s the earliest start to spring since 1896! Leap year is one of the reasons for this early start. If it wasn’t a leap year, spring would have begun tomorrow, March 21st. The first day of spring is the day the earth has an equal amount of day and night as it crosses the equator.

1st Day of Spring

Most of us think of spring as the start of a new season, warmer weather and lots of sunshine. It’s also a time of growth – the growth of our beautiful Texas wild flowers, vibrant fresh green grass, the sweet smells of blooming trees, a “coming to life!”

Texas Wildflowers

All of us here at iMGA are really excited about what Spring brings to each and every one of us. With the fresh start of the new season, we are committed to staying focused and will continue to work hard for great agents like yourself to develop products and systems to enhance your business. And as always, for iMGA it’s all about making things as EASY as possible for you!

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