We’re so honored to be doing business with you!

iMGA has been handling the servicing of the former Quirk & Company standard personal lines products (MobileHome, TDP1, TDP3, HOA, HOA+ and Vacant Dwelling) since February 1.

We’ve had the pleasure of speaking to many of the great agents that worked with Quirk & Company over the years, and visiting many, but we haven’t made it out to everyone yet (and didn’t get to see everyone in those agencies we have been able to visit), so we’d like to take this opportunity to address some of the questions that have come up in the meantime.

Who is iMGA?

We are a team of Texas-born and/or Texas-raised long-time insurance veterans. We are a new MGA, started last year, but our team has decades of experience and relationships in the industry and in Texas. You can read more about our people here if you’d like.

Our objective is to be the specialty MGA of choice in our chosen programs for retail producers because we are the easiest to interact with; while providing the best products and customer service in the marketplace, delivered by people who are having fun doing their jobs. While we have a bunch of insurance experience, we’re not a stuffy insurance company.  Heck, that is why we started iMGA, to escape that bureaucracy.  We’re real people having fun providing great products through fantastic agents.

What is iMGA’s relationship with Quirk?

Our relationship with the Quirk Group is a long and rich one that literally goes back generations. Among other things Bob Quirk is an officer of iMGA and board member of its parent. iMGA purchased the right to service the Texas Personal Property insurance products that were formerly handled by Quirk & Company, and those products are still being underwritten by San Antonio Indemnity Company, a member of Quirk Group, rated B++ by A.M. Best & Co.

What kind of a market will iMGA be for our agency?

Long term we intend to offer a few very targeted programs. In the near term, though, we are completely focused on Texas Personal Property. That means our relationship with you on the MobileHome, TDP1, TDP3, HOA, HOA+ and Vacant Dwelling products is the most important thing to us. This is why we have worked to make our system as easy as possible and are incorporating your suggestions for improvement as fast as we possibly can. One huge improvement – the reduction of the minimum down payment to 15% plus the policy fee – was implemented earlier this week as a direct result of agent suggestions. Please add more suggestions as you think of them!

So, “Howdy”! We’re very pleased to meet you, and can’t wait to get to know you better, If your agency hasn’t already contracted formally with us, please have the appropriate person complete the new agent signup form so we can, among other things, make sure your commission payments are deposited correctly. 🙂

Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any questions at all!

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